Calculation of tips

Payment method: The client transfers funds (tips) at will through the payment service of FC Client LLC "Financial Company "Contract House", code EDRPOU 35442539 (hereinafter - Payment service).

Amount of charges: The client independently chooses the amount of charges (gratuities) from among the fixed options of the amount of charges (gratuities) to the employee on the NOVUS.Online website.


1. The Company is not an employee's tax agent, nor is it a correspondent for sending and receiving money transfers (gratuities) from Clients to the personal checking account of such an employee. The employee independently fulfills the appropriate obligations in accordance with the tax legislation of Ukraine, including but not limited to the submission of a declaration, payment of due taxes and/or other mandatory payments.

2. The payment service may additionally withhold the commission established by it for transferring funds (tips) from Clients to the employee's personal checking account.

3. The company does not bear any responsibility for accrual of funds (tips) based on incorrectly specified/provided personal account details.