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    Public Offer

    Public Offer

    Dear User!

    Please read the text of the Public Offer carefully, and if you do not agree with any item of the Offer, you have the right to refuse to purchase Products available in the online store and not to take the actions specified in this Offer.


    According to Art. 633, 641 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, this document is a public agreement and public offer, and its terms and conditions are similar for all users wishing to receive the NOVUS.online service. According to Part 2 of Article 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine acceptance of this Offer, which equates to the conclusion of an agreement on the terms and conditions specified below, is the registration and/or execution of the order by the User on NOVUS.online website. By clicking "register" and / or "checkout" the User unconditionally and fully accepts the terms and conditions hereof.
    According to Article 1000 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, this agreement acts as an agency agreement, according to which the NOVUS.online Courier or the other third party determined by NOVUS.online at its own discretion, undertakes to purchase and deliver Products on behalf and at the expense of the User, as well as, if necessary, accept funds from the User and pay them to NOVUS.online.

    1. Definitions used in this Offer have the following meanings:

    NOVUS.online means an online store containing the list and cost of Products to be ordered by the User, is located on the website www.novus.online, which with all its components belongs in full to NOVUS UKRAINE LLC, which is registered and operates under the laws of Ukraine, the registered address of which is: building 47, Pravdy Avenue, Kyiv, EDRPOU 36003603.
    Product means a range of items published on the NOVUS.online website, which is offered to the User for purchase by executing an order.
    User means a person who wishes to make a purchase by using the NOVUS.online website.
    Order means a User's application for the purchase of Products, which is executed on the NOVUS.online website.
    Acceptance of the Offer means the full and unconditional acceptance by the User of the terms and conditions of the Offer by executing an order and/or registering on the NOVUS.online website.
    Personal Account is created by the User by registering on the NOVUS.online website to display personal user information for NOVUS.online and to store the order information.
    Courier means a person who delivers an order to a User, a NOVUS.online courier or another third party determined by NOVUS.online at its own discretion, who executes orders in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof.

    2. Scope of Agreement

    NOVUS.online undertakes to sell and, on behalf of the User, deliver the Products to the User, who will contact it by executing an order in NOVUS.online store.
    The price and range of Products are established by NOVUS.online, are indicated on the website and are indicative for the User to have a possibility to get acquainted with. NOVUS.online reserves the right to sell at another price or refuse to sell the product. The price and range listed on the site may be changed unilaterally by NOVUS.online. After collecting the order, NOVUS.online generates a list of Products indicating their prices and quantities for confirmation by the User. The User confirms the order at the agreed price and range or adjusts the order and/or cancels the order.

    3. Registration on NOVUS.online

    To register on NOVUS.online, the User indicates his/her contact phone number.
    When executing an order, the User may specify an additional contact phone number, e-mail address, full name, patronymic and surname of the User and obligatory specifies the address for delivery of the order.
    The User bears the sole responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided by him/her when registering and ordering.
    The User receives an e-mail from NOVUS.online about the successful registration. By clicking "register" and/or "place an order" the User provides a consent to NOVUS.online to receive information messages from NOVUS.online by sending them to the contact phone number and/or e-mail.
    The User undertakes not to disclose the information provided by him/her when registering on the site and not to pass the password to the third parties and is responsible for actions taken on his/her behalf using his/her registration data.
    After registration, the User is given an access to a personal account.
    NOVUS.online has the right to deny the User to use the NOVUS.online services if the latter has the reason to believe that the User has provided inaccurate data, as well as in case of misconduct (for example, breach of the terms and conditions hereof, etc.).
    By submitting his/her personal data during registration and/or when placing an order, the User gives his/her voluntary consent to the processing and use (including transfer) of his/her personal data without limiting the validity of such consent in accordance with applicable legislation of Ukraine.
    NOVUS.online uses personal data received from the User in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement to promote the services rendered by NOVUS.online, including through automated processing of personal data. NOVUS.online undertakes not to disclose information received from the User.

    4. Ordering Options

    The User makes an order in NOVUS.online by adding the selected Products to the virtual basket and finalizing the order. By clicking "checkout" the User agrees and accepts the terms and conditions of this offer and instructs the Courier to purchase and deliver the Products on behalf and at the expense of the User.
    If the order contains alcohol and/or tobacco products, the User is obliged to confirm that he/she is an adult not restricted in his/her legal capacity by ticking the appropriate checkbox on the website at the checkout and is responsible for the accuracy of such information.
    Orders are processed daily from 08:00 to 22:00.
    The Products ordered by the User are delivered by the Courier within the time intervals selected by the User on the website of the online store and agreed with NOVUS.online.
    When placing an Order and after confirming the collected order by the User, the following payment options are available to him/her: (i) advance payment after confirming the collected order by the User using the EasyPay service; (ii) at the time of delivery of the order by reimbursing the Courier for the costs of purchasing the ordered and confirmed Products in cash or touching the bank card to the terminal used by NOVUS.online, after the User has reviewed and verified the ordered and delivered Products.
    According to the terms and conditions hereof, the instruction regarding the order is executed without payment of remuneration by the User, at the same time the User is obliged to pay in full for the Products according to the order, or reimburse the cost of purchasing the selected Products according to the order.
    The total cost of the order, which includes the full cost of the Products and reimbursement of actual costs incurred for the purchase and delivery, is equal to the amount paid and specified on the website NOVUS.online at the checkout.
    Upon delivery of the Order, the User receives from the courier or other third party who executes the Order in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof the following documents:
    - PPO receipt or an expenditure invoice confirming the amount of costs incurred by the courier or other third party executing the instruction in accordance with the term and conditions hereof, in connection with the performing of the User's order for delivery of the Products.
    - terminal receipt in case of payment of the order by card, confirming payment by the User of the cost of the Products and/or services.
    The transfer of the order containing alcohol and/or tobacco products to the User is carried out only to adults. A representative of NOVUS.online has the right to ask the user to show a document confirming his/her age, in order for the user to comply with the age restrictions established by the applicable law and this Agreement. A representative of NOVUS.online has the right to refuse to transfer an order containing alcohol and/or tobacco products if the receiving User has refused to show a document confirming his/her age.

    5. Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Return of the Products

    NOVUS.online executes the User's instructions for purchasing and delivering the order to the address specified in the order and within the agreed time interval.
    When executing the order, which contains alcohol and/or tobacco products, the User agrees that he/she has the right to refuse only the entire list of ordered alcohol products, but not a part thereof. At the time of order transfer, the User has the right to refuse to receive any Products. If the order was paid by the User on the terms of the advance payment, the funds for the Products not received by the User are returned to him/her by NOVUS.online.
    In case of detection of the Products of improper quality, the User is entitled to request from NOVUS.online to replace them for similar Products of the proper quality; to replace them with another Product with a corresponding recalculation of the price; the refund.

    6. Other Provisions

    The entire content of the site and all its components containing trademarks and other legally protected materials, including, but not limited to, texts, photographs, graphics, music and sound, all site content is protected by the laws of Ukraine.
    The User is not entitled to use the materials posted on the NOVUS.online website, except to view for the purpose of ordering, namely has no right (but not exclusive): to make changes, publish, transfer to third parties, participate in sales or concessions, create derived products, etc.
    NOVUS.online is entitled to amend the text hereof at its own discretion at any time and without prior notice to the User.

    NOVUS UKRAINE Limited Liability Company
    Location: building 47, Pravdy Avenue, 04208, Kyiv;
    EDRPOU 36003603;
    Tel. (044) 585-41-70