Замовлення та оплата

Order and payment

Payment Methods

We offer several payment options, including cash, online card payment, and non-cash settlement.


Payment is made upon receipt of the order. The customer hands over the cash to the NOVUS.online delivery service employee.

Online Card Payment

Payment by card is made after the order is picked and processed at the checkout. There are several options available:

1.You will receive an SMS with the actual order amount. Follow the link in the SMS to make the payment.
2.Payment can also be made online from the personal account on the website under the current order profile.

The NOVUS.online delivery service employee will provide a cash receipt with the order.

Non-cash Settlement

A manager will contact you to sign a contract and send an invoice for payment. Details can be found in the "For Legal Entities" section.

Prices, Promotions, and Sales

  • Prices for products may be subject to change when ordering for future delivery.
  • Prices, promotions, and sales on the NOVUS.online website may differ from those in NOVUS stores.
  • The price of tobacco products displayed on the NOVUS.online website does not include excise tax, as indicated by a label and additional comment in the product name. The cost of excise tax will be added to the price of the product on the receipt.

Order editing

Have you forgotten or changed your plans? In the personal account you can make adjustments to the order. Add or remove goods yourself, postpone the date and time of delivery, write off bonuses.

Order cancellation

Possible for a number of reasons, the most common of which are:

  • lack of contact with the client for a long time;
  • insufficient information for correct delivery of the order;
  • closing delivery windows;
  • errors in the choice of goods;
  • unforeseen circumstances.

If the order is canceled, the customer can repeat it on the site.

We guarantee quality

We will bring your order in a special thermal container, which provides the necessary conditions for transportation and storage of food so that they stay fresh as long as possible.

You do not need to check the order too carefully: if necessary, we will replace the product or refund according to our guarantees and terms.

If a blackout occurs and it is not possible to contact the client, the order picker will replace the goods at its discretion. The customer will be able to review replacements upon receipt of the order and refuse goods that are not suitable.

In the absence of the Internet, blackout, you can place an order by phone. You can order a maximum of 10 products by phone.