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NOVUS Wheat Bulhur 900g
NOVUS Wheat Bulhur 900g
NOVUS Wheat Bulhur 900g 2

NOVUS Wheat Bulhur 900g

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Storage temperature

7 ... 25

Shelf life

2 years

Storage method

store in a dry place

Харчова цінність на 100г


331 kkаl


68 g


1.5 g


13 g


Bulgur Novus Wheat 900g is a real treasure trove of useful properties and refined taste. The peculiarity of bulgur is in its unique processing method. Wheat grains are pre-roasted and ground, and then dried. This process allows you to preserve all the useful substances and fibers, thanks to which bulgur becomes a valuable source of B vitamins, iron and valuable amino acids. The taste of bulgur has a light nutty taste and notes of sweets. Goes well with vegetables, fresh herbs and aromatic spices. Add it to salads, hot dishes or use it as a filling for stuffed vegetables. Preparation of bulgur - just pour boiling water or hot water over it, cover with a lid and let it brew for 10-15 minutes. And a tasty and aromatic side dish or base for dishes is ready. Buy Novus wheat bulgur at and give yourself and your loved ones health benefits!