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Bun with jam 70g
  • Bun with jam 70g


Bun with jam 70g

13.99 UAH per piece

General info

Only in NOVUS

Own production



Storage temperature

7 ... 25

Shelf life

16 hours

Харчова цінність на 100г


258.6 kkаl


43.2 g


7.1 g


4.4 g


Wheat flour of the highest grade, drinking water, yogurt mixture, margarine, melange, pressed yeast, apple jam, powdered sugar.


Bun with jam is an aromatic and tasty pastry that occupies an honorable place in Ukrainian cooking. Baked by Masters of Taste with care and love. The key components of the bun are wheat flour, water, yogurt mixture, melange, yeast and apple jam. Each ingredient is harmoniously combined with each other, creating a perfect tandem. Our bakers delicately form buns, preferring the best technologies and secrets of ancient recipes. Sweet and sour jam, which is filled with a bun, makes you want to taste it again and again. Pastries go well with a cup of hot tea. Each piece of this pastry provides an unforgettable taste experience and delights the soul. Order a bun with jam at to enjoy a unique combination of aroma, texture and taste.