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Novus Ground Dried Paprika 20g
Novus Ground Dried Paprika 20g

Novus Ground Dried Paprika 20g

General info

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Storage temperature

7 ... 25

Shelf life

2 years

Storage method

store in a dry place


Novus dried ground paprika 20g is a unique product from the "Seasonings" category, which is able to turn the simplest dishes into real culinary masterpieces. Thanks to careful drying, paprika retains the aroma of fresh juicy peppers, which instantly awakens the appetite. Add it to sauces, soups, meat and vegetable dishes, as well as to various types of marinades - and get a bright, exquisite taste. Paprika contains a large amount of vitamin C and antioxidants that support the immune system and promote health. Enjoy a wonderful combination of flavors by adding Novus paprika to meat, fish, vegetables, soups and sauces. Or use it as a seasoning for fried potatoes. To purchase Novus dried ground paprika, visit Take the opportunity to make your culinary experience brighter and richer with Novus paprika!