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Bagel with bacon 180 gr
Bagel with bacon 180 gr

Bagel with bacon 180 gr

General info

Only in NOVUS

Own production



Storage temperature

2 ... 6

Shelf life

48 hours

Storage method

dry cool place


bagel with bacon 180g is an unparalleled gastronomic symphony that expresses the taste of creations. A crispy crust, slightly golden in color, with decorative crumbs, emphasizes the delicacy of the dish. A tender and fluffy bagel interwoven with appetizing pieces of bacon is the perfect combination for true gourmets. An uncompromising combination of desired naturalness and excellent taste is the main philosophy of Each bagel with bacon contains a lot of protein, fat, carbohydrates and important trace elements, providing your body with energy for the whole day. Our chefs prepare bagels with meticulous attention to detail. The craftsmen use only the freshest ingredients to ensure you the highest quality and satisfaction. A bagel with bacon will be a real gastronomic discovery for you at!