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Bran bun 70g
Bran bun 70g
Bran bun 70g 2

Bran bun 70g

General info

Only in NOVUS

Own production





Storage temperature

7 ... 25

Shelf life

24 hours

Storage method

store in a dry place


High-grade flour, drinking water, bran, megadod sourdough starter, sugar, salt, gluten, sunflower oil.


Bran bun is the refined skill of our bakers, which combines natural ingredients and unsurpassed taste. Preparation of a bran bun begins with flour, to which water, bran, megadod leaven, sugar and salt are added to balance the taste. The formed buns go through the process of baking in the oven, where they acquire a golden-brown crust and a unique aroma of fresh baked goods. Bran bun can be served with various fillings, from classic oils and jams to cheeses and meat delicacies. It also goes well with fresh vegetables and herbs, adding versatility and richness of taste. Discover the taste limits of bran buns from Treat yourself to the joy of the taste and benefits of this unique freshly baked pastry!