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Halibut back cold smoked scales
  • Halibut back cold smoked scales

Halibut back cold smoked scales

789.00 UAH per kg

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Only in NOVUS

Own production




cold smoked

Storage temperature

2 ... 6

Storage method

dry cool place


Cold-smoked halibut is an exquisite fish dish from the Master of Taste brand that can satisfy the most demanding taste. Its preparation begins with fresh halibut, which is carefully smoked in cold smoke. This kind of processing makes the fish juicy, soft and aesthetically attractive. The back of the halibut is perfectly combined with fresh vegetables, salads and sauces, giving them an unsurpassed taste accent. In addition, cold-smoked loin is rich in nutrients, namely: proteins, Omega-3, vitamin D and minerals. It helps to improve the health of the heart, brain and strengthen the immune system. You can quickly order cold-smoked halibut from Masters of Taste at You will get fresh, high-quality fish that will bring you taste pleasure and enrich culinary experiments.