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Pampushka Masters of taste cereal 50g
Pampushka Masters of taste cereal 50g

Pampushka Masters of taste cereal 50g

General info

Only in NOVUS

Own production





Storage temperature

7 ... 25

Shelf life

24 hours

Storage method

store in a dry place


High grade flour, drinking water, wheat mixture, yeast, table salt, sugar, margarine, sprinkles, sunflower oil, dill.


Pampushka grain is an unsurpassed combination of crispness, fluffiness and tenderness, created by our bakers. At the beginning of the preparation of donuts, Masters of Taste add water, wheat mixture, yeast, salt, sugar and natural margarine to the flour. This unique combination of ingredients gives donuts a delicate texture. The aroma of freshly baked cereal donuts fills the air with unsurpassed notes of fresh bread and dill. This unsurpassed pastry can be served with natural honey, which will complement its delicacy and create a harmonious combination of flavors. Cereal puffs are also delicious with traditional Ukrainian dishes, such as borscht or peasant-style potatoes. Enjoy a unique taste with This pastry will take you to the world of traditional Ukrainian delicacies and give you an unforgettable experience.