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    Our goal

    Give you back time for yourself!

    Quality delivery of goods, fresh food, so you have more time for yourself and your loved ones.

    Our values

    • Our values - Freshness


      We carefully monitor the shelf life of each product

    • Our values - Comfort


      We adapt our service to your requirements and make it convenient

    • Our values - Precision


      We make sure you receive your order on time

    • Our values - Guarantee


      We provide honest delivery service

    Why we

    • Why we - Fresh food every day

      Fresh food every day

      We create the best delivery conditions so that the products retain their freshness

    • Why we - There is no minimum order amount

      There is no minimum order amount

      Do you want to try the royal mango, but don't eat much? We will bring even just one fruit

    • Why we - Convenient scheduled delivery

      Convenient scheduled delivery

      Do you want to stun guests with a delicious dinner? Order ready meals online

    How it works

    • Making an order

      Add selected items to cart
      Enter an address and choose a time when it will be convenient for you to meet the courier
    • Collecting orders

      Our specialist puts products in a thermal container, following the rules of compatibility: apples separately from fish, chemicals - separately from products.
    • Payment

      Once the order is collected, pay for the goods online
      For cash payment, the payment is made at the time of delivery of the order
    • Delivery of the order

      When the courier arrives, please check that the quality of the goods meets your expectations.
      You will receive a fiscal check with your order.

    Contacts for your questions

    Phone number

    (044) 369-39-39

    Head office address

    Kyiv, 04208, Ukraine, 47 Pravdy Ave., Retrovil Business Center