Our goal

Give you back time for yourself!

Quality delivery of goods, fresh food, so you have more time for yourself and your loved ones.

Our values

  • Our values - Freshness


    We carefully monitor the shelf life of each product

  • Our values - Comfort


    We adapt our service to your requirements and make it convenient

  • Our values - Precision


    We make sure you receive your order on time

  • Our values - Guarantee


    We provide honest delivery service

Why we

  • Why we - Even More Responsible

    Even More Responsible

    Delivery in Kyiv and the suburbs.

    Choose a comfortable time from 11:00 to 22:00, 7 days a week.

  • Why we - Even More Profitable

    Even More Profitable

    Standard price for scheduled delivery is only 50 UAH.

    Free delivery over 1500 UAH.

    We return 1% of the order amount to your bonus account.

  • Why we - Even More Convenient

    Even More Convenient

    A full-fledged store in your pocket.

    Personal shelf with saved shopping lists that are easy to share.

Shop online in 4 steps:

  • 1. Schedule your delivery

    To do this, add the first product to the cart.
    Enter your address.
    Select a convenient time to meet the courier.
  • 2. Place an order

    Add the rest of the items you like to the cart.
    Confirm your order.
    You will receive a notification when the picking process is complete.
  • 3. Pay in a conveniently way:

    • Online when the order is collected.
    • In cash to the courier upon delivery.
  • 4. Describe your experience

    Leave feedback in the order.
    Rate the work of the operator, picker, and courier. Influence their rating «★★★★★»

Contacts for your questions

Phone number

(044) 369-39-39

Head office address

Kyiv, 04208, Ukraine, 47 Pravdy Ave., Retrovil Business Center