Referral program

Referral program conditions

NOVUS online referral program - Terms and Conditions

Members participating in the NOVUS online Referral Program (hereinafter referred to as the "Referral Program"), as well as their friends, can receive Bonuses by inviting their friends to register with NOVUS online. By participating in the Referral Program, Referral Participants agree to the following terms and conditions, which are part of the Official Terms and Conditions of the NOVUS PLUS Loyalty Program, located at 2022.pdf.

How to get Bonuses

Members and their recommended friends receive Bonuses in the amount of 50 Bonuses per Bonus Card if they successfully refer a friend who is not a current NOVUS online user using a unique referral link that the Member can generate in the NOVUS online Personal Account.

The recommended friend must go to the page using the referral link provided by the Participant. Bonuses are earned when a referred friend completes the following steps:

  1. The recommended friend clicks on the referral link and creates a Personal Account on the NOVUS online website, thereby agreeing to the NOVUS online Public Offer posted at the link, the Official Terms and Conditions of the NOVUS PLUS loyalty program posted at the link, as well as the Privacy Policy of NOVUS online, located at the link
  2. The recommended friend placed the first Order in the amount of at least 1,000 hryvnias using the Personal Account created using the referral link on the NOVUS online website, paid and received the specified Order.

After the recommended friend performs the specified actions, the Participant and the recommended friend will automatically be credited with 50 bonuses on NOVUS Bonus cards.

Bonuses have no monetary value, are not transferable and can only be used to purchase goods using the Bonus card.

Participants and recommended friends will be able to receive Bonuses in the amount of no more than 5,000 (five thousand) during the term of the Referral Program.

Distribution of referral links

Members and referred friends may participate in the Referral Program only if they use the NOVUS online Personal Account for personal and non-commercial purposes. All recommended friends must have full civil legal capacity in the determination of Art. Art. 34 - 42 of the Civil Code of Ukraine for the creation of a Personal NOVUS online account and must be personally known to the Participant who applies. NOVUS online reserves the right to delete the NOVUS online Personal Account of the Member and/or recommended friend, if spam (including spam, text messages or messages to unknown people using automated systems or bots) has been used to distribute referral links, or the Member has independently created NOVUS online personal account of a recommended friend.


Only one Participant is entitled to receive a Bonus for creating a NOVUS online Personal Account by a Recommended Friend. A referred friend can register with only one referral link. If the referred friend receives several links, the Participant who will receive the Bonus will be determined solely by the referral link that was used to create the NOVUS online Personal Account.

Combination with other programs

This Referral Program cannot be combined with other NOVUS online referral programs, promotions or incentives.

Termination and changes

NOVUS online reserves the right to:

  • Modify, limit, cancel, suspend or terminate these Terms, the Referral Program itself or the ability of Participants and referred friends to participate in it at any time, for any reason, without prior notice.
  • Delete or block NOVUS online Personal Accounts, as well as cancel accrual of Bonuses of Members and/or recommended friends as a result of activities that NOVUS online considers illegal or that violate the NOVUS online Public Offer, the Official Terms of the NOVUS PLUS loyalty program, as well as the NOVUS Privacy Policy online.

Any changes to these Terms or to the Referral Program itself will be effective immediately upon posting. Continued participation of Members and referred friends in the Referral Program after changes to it will constitute acceptance of any changes made by NOVUS online.

The term of validity of the Referral program is until 31.12.2024 (inclusive).